Friday, January 30, 2009

A few spare minutes

The girls are asleep! I've been trying to wake them up to bathe them but with no luck. So what does one do when the kids won't wake up for you, hubby is at the gym, and you have a spare half hour or so? Update the blog of course!

I must admit this blogging thing is so addictive! I can see why it's such a popular phenomenon. Ten years ago, who would have thought that reading about other peoples' lives, the mundaneness of everyday living and the random thoughts of others would be so interesting to read!

I received Alyssa's Petti Shorts today thanks to Candice at Princess Ratbag Pettiskirts and oh my, they are so cute! These are going to be worn under her gorgeous christening gown (note to self: should get the gown dry cleaned asap). I am so tempted to put her in the outfit prior to her big day as I am itching to see it on her, but I'll be good and wait it out. I do have a picture of said Petti Shorts though:
I'm going to be a total tease and withhold taking a photo of Alyssa in them...well unless I get enough requests for a photo that is ;)

I must say everytime I see a Pettiskirt I want one. Never mind the fact that we have 4 in total that I ordered from the US last year when the exchange rate was something like 98 cents to the dollar. But now that there's an Aussie distributor it is extremely tempting to get them in an array of different colours. The only problem would be where to store them as one skirt is so puffy, it takes up a hell of a lot of wardrobe space for one skirt!

Doesn't this petti look absolutely stunning?

Here's Eva in her brown/dusty rose Petti

Wow, she looks so little compared to now. I must make a mental note to self to get these skirts out for another photo session with my girls very soon.

Uh-oh, Alyssa's awake and causing some sort of destruction.



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