Saturday, January 31, 2009

My trusty friend, the laptop

The other night I went to put a DVD into my laptop and found the tray wouldn't open. I rebooted the machine about 5 times with no luck. Hubby had a look at it and declared he couldn't fix it. I called the warranty company and put in a claim to get it fixed.

So the courier company is going to take my lappie away from me so he can get fixed. They called me last night to book it in to be picked up. I tried to put the date back as far as I could but Tuesday would have to be the day. It's going to take 5-10 working days to fix so I'll be without my own laptop for that long. How the hell am I going to cope without a laptop? I will probably go out of my mind! Tis sad I know, but I love my laptop. I love going through all my photos whenever I want, I love the internet in general, yes I'm addicted.

Now I have to clean up all my personal data on my hard drive, including photos. It's going to take ages! There are literally several gigabytes worth of stuff on here, if not more. All have to be transferred to the external hard drive. And at hubby's advice, it's not just delete from my computer and they're gone, but I have to Erase after deleting so there's no trace of anything for hackers to find...yes that's my hubby, Mr Paranoid. (If anyone would like to know more about this Erase program, please let me know)

Everyone finds him funny, he has these quirks. Anyone who knows him laughs at his eccentricities, he's a safe man, he makes the house a Fort Knox! I guess you can't be too safe these days :)

But back to my laptop, I'm going to miss it terribly. I might just try and sneak onto hubby's machine in its absence. Ten days is a long time without my trusty friend, how will I make the time pass? I guess I'm going to have to make some conversation with the husband at night, maybe go rent a few movies or something. Gosh, I'm at a loss as to what I'm going to do!


Blogger Kt said...

Ahhh Maria. My hubby is exactly the same. He doesn't trust anyone!

Sad about your lappie :( .

February 1, 2009 at 12:35 AM  

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