Saturday, January 31, 2009

"I'll start on Monday"

Going grocery shopping tonight I had good intentions of having only healthy food items in my trolley. All was going well until I went into the confectionery get hubby's Rum and Raisin Chocolate of course! Then what do I see right at eye level? Cadbury's Family Block on special. Hmmm, how can I resist? So I put one in my trolley and continue shopping. with thoughts running through my head "last chocolate ever so I guess I should enjoy it".

Then I go past the freezers where the ice creams are. Drumsticks on special too! Wow, this is my lucky day! Seeing as it's been so damn hot lately, a Drumstick would go down very well indeed. So I grab it and put the box in my trolley too thinking to myself "ok, last Drumstick enjoyment ever!"

Why is it the mentality of the diet is to start on Mondays? Why are the weekends so fuelled with gluttony only to wipe the slate clean come Monday? That's if it does happen on Monday and I don't say "I'll start next Monday".


Just to add a disclaimer that I did actually buy other necessities on my original shopping list!


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