Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mummy's Day!

I hope all the mummies and mummies-to-be had a lovely day today. I sure did - in a lovely chillin' quiet low key way. I had a sleep in this morning, then we all went out for a lovely breakfast (well after the girls had their brekky at home first...there's no way they will wait!) Then we had to take Trixie to the vet for a little wound she has on her chin...she's ok, it's nothing that won't be fixed with some anti b's and some anti-inflammatories.

Now we're just about to go over to my mum's place for a lovely dinner.

Here's a happy snap taken from today. As you can see my quest for getting a shot of me and my girls is quiet a difficult one indeed!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Loving this song right now

I'm a HUGE Rob Thomas fan. Huge. I loved his work in Matchbox Twenty, but now that he's gone solo I love his stuff even more. He just keeps getting better and better. There's his new one that has just been released "Her Diamonds". Now when I first heard it I thought, yeah that's quite a nice song. Then tonight I heard a snippet of an interview he had with a radio dj about that particular song. He actually wrote it a while ago for his wife, who has an Autoimmune disorder. She was going through a pretty rough debilitating day so he turned to music to express how he felt since he felt so helpless. Well now the song has so much more meaning every time I hear it. I didn't think of the personal melancholy behind it before I knew what it was about. Now I can't help but think about the meaning, and those who have to endure pain constantly.

Here's the song for those that want to listen to it. The film clip hasn't been released yet so I can't find a proper youtube video. But I have found this application - just go to the song in the list, then click on "Song Player" to play it. You can also view the lyrics by clicking on the Lyrics tab.