Monday, April 27, 2009

What's for dinner?

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This is the question I hear at least once a day? It usually comes from the husband. I can admit that I'm not your usual domestic goddess. Far from it! I see cooking as a means to feed yourself and the family, and provide a nutritious meal at that. I'm just lucky that the family enjoys what I make. Not that there's any complexity in the meals that I make - let's just say I tend to cook on the safe side - steak, mash and veges, chicken cordonbleu (whipped in the oven, ready in 30mins), roast chicken with veges, etc. Steamed veges are a staple, and thank goodness the girls love them and the husband has no choice but to eat "those green things" on his plate. Meh, he's used to it now.

On the odd occasion I do like to be a bit adventurous and will try a new recipe, usually from a food magazine. Those pictures always get to me. Somehow what I cook never end up looking like how it looks in the magazine but as long as it edible, right? But no matter how much meticulous measuring and love I put into my cooking adventures I find my youngest always sticks her nose up. "Give me your chicken and veges any day over this nonsense" I hear her say from the expression on her face. My eldest would look at the food on her plate and asking "What is this, Mummy?" I then respond with the name of the dish for which I hear "I don't like it, I want bread/chocolate/ice cream". Hmmm, well I do try.

I sometimes wish I was like my mum. She is the best cook after all! She will happily be in the kitchen for a whole day cooking up a storm. It's obvious she was born with cooking flare - heck that's what she now does for a living. However in her housewife days she spent all day at home with us kids where she cooked and cooked and cooked, like any Greek mum would. And fed and fed and fed, like any Greek mum did. Made sure that all her kids were well nourished with her lovely Greek comfort food, made sure dinner was cooked and ready well before dad walked through the door from work. How times have changed!

Well I just realised there is NOTHING in the freezer or fridge for dinner tonight. Eek! The shame! Just wondering what will be sufficient for 2 hungry little mouths and a famished husband tired from the work and gym. Tonight it will be Chicken Rissoles with mash and gravy and of course steamed veges. And old favourite in this house! And lovely for this cold snappy weather. Ah ok, done! Decision made :)

So, what's for dinner at your place tonight?


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